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The World’s Virtual Architectural Firm for the metaverse.

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The Sky's The Limit

We are a 3d design and Architecture studio for the blockchain virtual world known as The Sandbox

The Sandbox Architects was started in December of 2021. As the founder of the business I theorized that property owners in The Sandbox need support from professionals to develop their property. In addition I imagined that businesses will soon be rushing to enter the metaverse for marketing, investment and ecommerce opportunities.

The Sandbox Architects is a bootstrapped startup that has pioneered development of the first blockchain metaverse which is reaching mass adoption


We started small and dreamed big – today we offer dynamic services from contracting to theconsulting. 


The Sandbox is difficult to develop in because it requires multidisciplinary skills and understanding of 3D design, Coding & blockchain technology


Property owners do not have the skills necessary to 3D design and develop in The Sandbox


That’s where I come in…


I’m here to help entrepreneurs & companies that lack the in-house skills and are looking to subcontract.


Call Us, Write Us, or Knock on Our Door

The Sandbox architects Would Be Happy To Meet You And Launch your idea into the meta

The Sandbox is a virtual world that is built on the blockchain. It allows users to purchase parcels and plots of land using the in-game cryptocurrency SAND. Since its launch, the real estate market has been booming. We spotted an opportunity to service land owners and property developers by being a one-stop-shop for design and animation of the virtual world projects. 

Go Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Your Metaverse Presence Is About To Take Off

Are there really people left who doubt cryptocurrency? I’d say, don’t let the jargon get in the way. Whether you’re an artist, sports fanatic, accountant or doctor. The underlying technology behind cryptocurrency will impact your industry. Get ahead of the game and start dabbling in the space. 

Developing futuristic The Sandbox experiences

Do you dare venture into the metaverse?

3D & Game Design

We develop your vision for a decentraland real estate project. Our mission is to develop your plot into an attractive place for users to spend time and mana.

Custom 3D Architecture

Come to us with your innovative vision and we’ll get to work developing a professional and lucrative virtual real estate investment.

Architects of the Metaverse

We spotted an opportunity to service landowners and property developers by being a one-stop-shop for the design and animation of the virtual world projects.

Meet Our Clients

They Believe In Us

Some of our most esteemed clients have entrusted us with building revolutionary ideas in the metaverse 

To Summarise Here’s Exactly What You Get Once You Book A Consultation Call.

You book a consultation call immediately in one of my free calendar slots using our software.

Once the consultation call is booked, you will automatically receive an email with a few questions in preparation for our call together.

During our consultation call we go through everything you need to know to get building your Decentraland project

Aftercare: if you have any other questions or if there is anything you’re hesitant about just let me know.

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