The Metaverse Embassy | Online diplomacy in the Web 3.0

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The Metaverse Embassy for Malta will form part of the first wave of Government entities in the Metaverse.

For centuries, Malta has been a centre of innovation, with its small size never being a limiting factor for trade & international leadership. 

With a pro-business climate & sunny weather, Malta has been established as a top-tier destination for gaming, startups, super yachts & blockchain technologies. 

The country boasts a rich expat community & skilled local workforce. With an international network that is unparalleled and very well represented globally. 

We hope that: The Government of Malta recognises the Metaverse as a new frontier and that the ministry of foreign affairs expresses their desire to open debate on international relations within the metaverse & how to recognize and authenticate their citizens through the blockchain. 

The Metaverse is a new frontier 

The way the world works is changing, technology is quickly showing us that the metaverse is no longer confined to the limits of our imagination. 

The Metaverse Embassy is the place that Governments will use to communicate with its digital citizens around the world! 

Property in the metaverse owned by the gov, has diplomatic status 

Citizens of the country will receive unique NFTs representing their identity 

This will give them access to private events which may happen in the metaverse 

Along with the public space created for EU & Non-EU citizens 

The metaverse world known as Decentraland is a Dapp that is governed by a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) 

To learn about Malta, it’s history & future. 

How to enter the Metaverse 

Currently there are 100 million people around the world who use the blockchain on Metamask. This is a simple to use Chrome browser extension to make a crypto wallet. 

The process to setup metamask takes 2 minutes, it’s free & instantly gives you access to the web 3.0 – the technology layer that allows you to enter Dapps (decentralised apps)

We will build the Metaverse Embassy in Decentraland which is the largest virtual world built on the blockchain and recently hosted the Metaverse Festival which attracted thousands of people over a weekend. 

Who will visit the Embassy? 

Citizens from the Metaverse come from all around the world. This fast-growing virtual economy is employing millions around the world especially but not limited to the Millennial & Gen Z generation. 

The people in this space are the true leaders & innovators of the modern world. With interest in Malta’s investment migration programs, starting a company in Malta, attending conferences & festivals by Malta virtually or IRL (in real life) or moving to Malta as a digital nomad. 

It’s participants are also closely related to the desirable AI & investor communities. 

There are also millions of participants from developing countries who have been impacted by the pandemic & have no access to jobs. They find opportunities in the metaverse too – because there’s no barrier to entry & participants can interact at a distance. Negating the usual visa, travel and cost limitations. 

Why Will you visit the Embassy? 

We wish to attract people from the high tech & disruptive blockchain industry to the MetaEmbassy 

To do this the MetaEmbassy will feature a magnificent conference hall whose use is granted by the ministry of foreign affairs to local leaders & communities. 

Your Identity in the Metaverse

In the real world we carry identity cards with unique numbers & our basic information. In the metaverse we will own a digital artwork of our ID cards that is verified on the blockchain as a NFT (non-fungible token). 

Unlike traditional ID cards – these can be issued immediately & without any manufacturing costs, secured on the blockchain by existing Dapps. 

Top Metaverse projects
Top Metaverse projects

What is the Metaverse Embassy offering? 


  • Investment migration programs 
  • StartinMalta Initiatives / Malta Enterprise
  • Igaming Industry 
  • MedTech Industry 
  • Blockchain Startups 
  • Communities in Malta 


  • VisitMalta 
  • Travel2Study
  • Digital Nomads
  • Conferences & Events 
  • Festivals & Entertainment 

Local NFT Artists

The Metaverse Island

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